Red Panda BJJ Reviews

Really comfortable training environment and very clear instruction from Professor Jason. All the students are friendly and helpful. Gym is very clean.

Kwan Li

great coach good atmosphere friendly encourages students

Yvette Rajah

Excellent, Clean and friendly environment and the owner, Jason Harris is the real deal. Highly recommended school.

Matthew Clinker

Awesome Professor and a great group of people inside the gym. Amazing lineage going back to the beginning of Brazilian Jiujitsu

Cody Zulfer

awesome gym. Jason makes training really fun but understands each persons level and how to push/insruct them. I havent fealt this kind of comradry since wrestling in high school. Would recommend to anyone with kids or getting into jui jitsu.

Danny Wyatt Jr

Dropped in to train while visiting. Jason and his crew were incredibly welcoming and the instruction was super solid. Jason’s passion for jiu-jitsu really shines through, and it’s cultivated a great vibe in his school. Highly recommend!

Thomas Dixon

All gyms are not created equal!! If you’re new to the area or new to jui jitsu, this is where you want to go. The head instructor and members look out for one another. They offer kids classes, adult classes, gi, No gi, fundamentals, kick boxing. SERIOUSLY, if you wanna train, this is where you wanna go.

Caleb Morton

 near Titusville

I've trained with Jason for years. He is an amazing person and a fantastic instructor. If you have ever entertained learning jiu-jitsu, do yourself a favor and go learn from Professor Jason at Red Panda BJJ. He will transform you into the best version of yourself, I promise.

Peter Venkman

Great place to train! Jason’s an awesome instructor, super knowledgeable and easy going.

Thomas Deck

Great people to train with! Also very knowledgeable and patient instructors, 100% recommend.

Jacob Smith

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